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Название: TIME_OUT
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Недавно, после апгрейда стало появляться прилично больше дампов такого вот характера на программах, которые раньше (до апгрейда) этим не страдали. Так вот, выяснилась интересная деталь по параметру rdisp/max_wprun_time:
If this time limit is exceeded, the system attempts to cancel any running SQL statement or signals the ABAP processor to stop the running program. Then the system waits another 60 seconds maximum. If the program is then still active, the work process is restarted.
А раньше было:
The current setting is 2400 seconds. After this, the system gives the program a second chance. During the first half (>= 2400 seconds), a  call that is blocking the work process (such as a long-running SQL statement) can occur. While the statement is being processed, the database layer will not allow it to be interrupted. However, to stop the program terminating immediately after the statement has been successfully processed, the system gives it another 2400 seconds. Hence the maximum runtime of a program is at least twice the value of the system profile parameter "rdisp/max_wprun_time"
Т.е. теперь надо при установке параметра закладываться на то, что удвоения нет...